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Mission and Vision Statement

Aztec warrior Head


William Moreno Junior High School will provide a safe and engaging learning environment to prepare each student to THINK, LEARN, WORK, COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE,and CONTRIBUTE effectively now and throughout his or her life.


William Moreno Junior High school will be the model of excellence for 21st century learning and citizenship. Our commitment to our students and our learning community is grounded in the following Guiding Principles:
Ownership: To be engaged and focused on my learning. To persevere, self-reflect and recognize that mistakes and revisions are a part of learning and lead to quality work.
Communication: To share ideas clearly and constructively,consider others’ ideas and perspectives and seek mutual understanding.
Collaboration: To work together constructively, reflect on different perspectives, build on the ideas of others and take responsibility for my team and myself.
Creativity: To share ideas courageously, pursue new paths of thinking, refine prototypes and design innovative solutions.
Critical Thinking: To be curious,motivated, self-reflective learners who ask thoughtful questions to deepen understanding and ignite work worth doing.
Citizenship/Stewardship: To take care of myself, other people and the environment so that we can make a positive impact as guardians of our school,local and global community.