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Dear Parents and Community,
          Junior High is a new chapter in everyone’s life and it is no different for you or your child.  The William Moreno Junior High School Band program is dedicated to helping students understand what’s going on in the world around them, with themselves, and with their community in order to help the students move forward and be prepared for High School and beyond.  This two-year course will take your children from a basic knowledge of music and understanding of how to play an instrument to a more developed musician who knows a new language and has some mastery over an instrument.  This is a large amount of information to process in two years and requires many hours at home practicing along with all of the other school work that is to be done.  With that being said, this program would not be here without you, the parents and community, teaching the children the importance of music in life and the importance of dedicated practice to perfect an art.  Thank you for your support in the past and the continued support as this program grows and helps your children achieve greatness.
Thank you,
Mr. Alvarado
Band Director
Sectional Schedule
Monday - Flutes
Tuesday - Clarinets
Wednesday - Trumpets
Thursday - Alto Saxophones
Friday - Bass Section
Schedule subject to change